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January 09, 2009


Wool Winder
And to think you almost didn't go through with the hat drive. 227 people will be warmer because of your efforts. How wonderful!
Donna S.
They are sooo cute!!
Lucky and Aggie make my heart melt. Awwww!
I love that picture of your dogs! More, please?? They are so sweet. Thanks also for the recipe. It sounds great!
What a successful project you ran! Congratulations. And I just love that photo of the dogs.
Oh I'm so glad to hear you'll still be taking hats. I know that if I would use this brain more I could probably take over the world! Anyway, it probably won't be for a week or two but I do still have some for you. LOVE the picture of Lucky and Aggie! If you ever need a dog babysitter that lives very far away just keep me in mind. ;)
I'm still giggling over the longing look in the dogs' eyes and your explanation.. thanks! Fabulous on the hat drive!
Boy, look what you've done Jean! Congratulations on the knitwear total! And thanks for the picture of Lucky and Aggie -- they're so cute and it's been awhile!
Woo Hoo! That's a lot of knitwear, Jean. Love the doggies. Cute cute eager to please little faces. Now I want pork chops.
Woo Hoo on the hat total! I didn't realize that you had 2 Cavs. Very cute.

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