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January 12, 2009


Sending thoughts & prayers to your cousin. Maggie is so adorable!
Donna S.
Baby & sweater are just adorable!! Hope everything goes well for the new addition in your family.
What a gorgeous photo and sweater! What yarn doid you use? Good luck to your cousin.
Sending many good thoughts and prayers to your cousin and her family. Very scary for all. 32 weeks is early, but being a girl is a plus in the whole equation.
What a sweet baby Maggie is and your sweater is so pretty! Many prayers are heading to Isabelle and your family!
Ohmygosh -- I do hope Isabelle will wait just a bit longer -- what a stressful time. The picture of Maggie is just beautiful -- the sweater is adorable -- you do such stunning work!
Oh, your poor cousin and her family. They must be frightened. I'm sending good thoughts to all of you.
Prayers for little Isabelle and her mom. Maggie is beautiful. Love the name: my daughter's name is Maggie. The sweater is wonderful.
Wool Winder
I'm praying for baby Isabelle and her family. We had the same experience in our extended family, so I know how difficult this time is for them. Maggie is adorable in Helena. Fantastic photo!
Jean E.
She's a cutie!

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