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January 06, 2009


Jean, Interesting family findings! My Jameson ancestors go way back in this country, also coming originally from Scotland. But really want to comment on your weaving! Looks great! You've got a lot of twill variations and I'd say you're definitely ready for towels. What fiber were you weaving? I started by first project in wool which wasn't the best idea but I survived and finished a scarf my mother never, never wore!! I have placemats on my loom right now. Jamie
You are going to father's name.... John Allen LOL! What a fun story!!! I can't wait to go to Barb's class!
That is really neat!! Happy new year, Jean, and the weaving looks great too.
Wool Winder
Family history is so interesting, only I'm terrible at remembering the stories I've been told of my family. I'm counting on my sister to keep track of that for future generations. Great job on the woven sampler!
Great find Jean. How exciting to track down those missing links. You really opened a can of worms for Brad he is still plugging away and finding people. He even joined a Romanian matchmaking site to try to find someone in the area to read and translate papers, but no one seems to want to friend him,poor guy. They all want to friend the gorgeous young "newly single" girl. Hmm. The weaving looks great! What did you use for your sampler? Did you follow the video or the instructions from your kit? Inquiring minds want to know these things.
What a great bit of your history you have uncovered. Mine is mostly shrouded in the mists, it seems, and my poor husband's is practically obliterated. Love your weaving!!!!
Wow! What a great story. I bet all those ancestors are bursting with excitement at the clever person you are for being an adventurer, discoverer, knitter, weaver, builder and more. I think you're channeling every one of them!
So very cool Jean! But it all definitely points back to confirm the wisdom of "Scottish Lamb"!
betsy Mamo
Well, here you go, then- did you catch my note on Elann? I saw your crooked finger relatives on TV!

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