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February 01, 2009


Oh, no! Your poor wheel. And now you've got me all nervous, since my wheel is 30 years old, and spent a great deal of that time stored in a barn.
You're hysterical! I didn't see that episode of Gray's, but it was all the talk at knit night last week {"can that really happen"...nurse..."yes it can"...hysterical laughter} Hope gets better soon...I read that third paragraph laughing -- you realize you're speaking greek to some of us??? And Joe's teacher should be thrilled. I think Christmas lights on a stadium and a locker valentine box are both awesome!!!
Wool Winder
My son was the same way about baseball. It didn't matter the subject, he could find a way to bring baseball into every project.
I'm glad help is on the way for Rose. I love Joe's valentine project. Amen to that - whatever motivates them to learn is A-OK by me.
I hope that your Rose will live to spin another day, just as McSteamy will hopefully live to ravage somebody-or-other another day :)

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