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March 16, 2009


Oh I like that stained glass pattern.
Both projects look fabulous. Very inspiring.
Beautiful works of art. Only a few months left? YIKES. Let's get together soon. Name the date and I'll be there.
You know, I have a packet of wildflower seed-I think I will go toss it in the air to celebrate your house-hunting!!!!
Your towels are looking great! I got my yarn today, so maybe over the weekend I can get it on the loom :)
Wool Winder
You're a woman of many talents!
Leaded glass? It is going to be lovely! We had 3 1/2" of rain here in the Hill Country this week - first in 18 months. The wildflowers are starting to pop in expectation of you return. Linda the Nomad
Ohmygosh, you're doing stained glass! Do you have to cut each one of those shapes??? I can't even cut a square shape. This towel looks perfect!

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