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March 09, 2009


Just catching up on your blog....wonderful post :)
Thanks Jean -- now I'm pulling out the kleenex! The first big tears were with that first pic of Lucky on your leg -- just remembering what it was like when you brought him home and thinking of him clinging to you now -- he must just adore you for saving him. And then you sealed the deal with your last paragraph. You really need to issue kleenex alerts at the beginning of your posts LOL!
They are precious aren't they? Cleo is my heart dog here........I just adore her.
He's beautiful. I hope you'll have him for a long, long time.
Lucky is lucky to have you, Jean. I know my Emily feels that way about her new pup, Pumpkin....I'm still on the fence : )
*sniff* I know exactly what you mean. I love Lucky from afar, too. And my Vincent was that to me. I'll never get over him.
Awww - I would melt with those big puppy dog eyes. Cuddles and love to Aggie and Lucky
They do leave their paw prints etched in our hearts. Isn't it an amazing experience to have your heart dog? I currently have my once in a lifetime dog. :) That's so wonderful to hear how well Lucky is now doing.
What a heart-warming post. Your dog is special indeed as I can it from the pictures. Your Helana baby sweater inspired me to knit the same sweater except that I didn't have a beautiful baby to wear it and take a

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