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March 25, 2009


Safe travels and all the best in your quest for the right house to call home. Buying a new home in 2009 is a great thing to do since you have not owned a home for quite a few years it means you qualify for the first-time home buyer credit of $8,000. Yippee!!!! Who can't use a freebie like that from the IRS?
I hope one of the houses jumps right into your pocket next to your heart. Good luck and safe travels.
Oh, how exciting, Jean! Enjoy every minute of the process of finding your new HOME! Can't wait to hear the news! xo
Good luck with your search. Ian and I might be looking for a house in Seattle. Time will tell.
Darn, I wish I had seen your post before you left!! So you're here?????? I wonder where you are and how the hunt is going. Did you get here before or after the hail storm? Wow, that was crazy. I hope you have a great day in Austin - we're going to A&M tomorrow with our daughter. :-)
Safe trip! And good luck with the house-hunting. May it go smoothly (and quickly!)
Good luck. I hope it whispers its welcome to you... from a room that says "Hello, I'm your new craft room!" : ) You'll know it when you see it. Best of luck.
I'm with far that little house is my favorite! Lots of good karma is headed your way to find the perfect house for you, Dan and the kids. Have a safe trip!
I'm very excited for you!! Good luck!!
Here's LUCK coming your way. Can't wait to hear about your trip. Amy
Wool Winder
Good luck house hunting!
Good luck! And have a safe trip.
Good luck! I'm so excited for you!!!!
Good luck and have fun!
Waving at you! y'all come on down!!!! It's fixin' to rain, so drive careful!
Bon Voyage! Good luck in the search. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Oh, I got all teary-eyed just thinking of the excitement of it all. Wishing you the best of luck and a very safe trip!
Good luck! So exciting!!
Have a safe trip and may you come back with a home!

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