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March 10, 2009


Wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. That is stunning. I can't even see the dark line.
I think you would be crazy to hold that flaw against your towel. If you wanted perfect, you would go buy machine made-and then it would be a crap shoot and might be flawed anyhow! I think it looks nice, and you should be proud of yourself.
The flaw is actually a pleasant design element in my book. That is a lovely woven pattern. Nice job!
As a non-weaver, I think it looks great! Surely you're mistaking "design features" for "flaws"...
Wow It looks great, and I can't find the mistakes either. I bet when you have washed them the part that was 3 threads rather than two will work itself out and shift so that is barely noticeable even to you. I'm very impressed and so happy the loom is in a happy home.
Holee Crap Jean! THAT is gorgeous!!! Does it take forever to do? Longer than knitting??? I've always thought a loom would be great fun, but how many hobbies can a person HAVE in this lifetime??? Beautiful Work!!!
Wool Winder
I'm looking...really closely, but my eye doesn't catch either mistake. It's a beautiful towel.
Exellent work, so far. Really! And great attitude toward the mistake! It 'is' an opportunity for learning and 'is' something to progress from. I've recently adopted this attitude with regard to my learning to knit. Don't sweat the small stuff. ;)
Jean E.
That is really cool! It is fun to see another "high fiber" hobby.
Beeutiful! I've done that before too. Sometimes it makes a weak spot there though...but if your weaving is tight it should be fine. :) I love the pattern!
You must have learn so much from your first project. It's amazing work despite the error.
I think they are lovely!
The minor boo-boos just show that it was made by a real live human. All the better, I say! My dh is a beginner weaver, so we know how much work it took you to get to this point, and it looks great. Hooray!

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