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October 04, 2009


Where are you????????????
There you are! Now you understand why I LOVE Sonata so much. Fortunately, it does frost a little where you live. I am so jealous!
Yay! Settled in enough to post. I'm so impressed with you for letting go of your wool, all the more reason to get that loom going.
Oh Oh Oh! Purple! And orange! Oh! Condolences on your forced unwooliness... Missed you!
There you are! I'm sure you'll need to be warm sooner or later.
I completed expected it to be all gone - beautiful stuff! Thanks so much.
I guess you'll have to move back, then.
Wool Winder
There will be a time for wool, but you won't need it for long. That's the beauty of living in Texas.
Darn it! You need to move back north so you can wrap yourself in wool more often. Glad to see you posting again -- hope to hear from you more! ;-)
Welcome back to my laptop! I have been worried about you! This morning we are packing up here in Minnesota to head back to the Hill Country. Yay! It has been so cold and wet this summer. I know, I know. Will be looking at your beautiful yarn when we pull in to our next back yard tonight. Glad you are fine, Linda the Nomad
Hi there! Glad to see you back on the interwebs again! Congrats on the new wheel! Gorgeous colors above. Off to look.....

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