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November 19, 2009


Lee Cockrum
He is gorgeous!! I cannot even talk about people who get pets, and then change their minds, realize they are a lot of work etc. When an animal enters my home, they are my responsibility, forever. In all the years we have had pets, there was one dog we had to find another home for.... she attacked our other dog, tore her throat open. (Luckily my husband acted fast, and the emergency vet was nearby.) We worked with another friend to do a temporary placement until we found a home with no other pets, and no small children. (She was also checked out by someone who trained guard dogs, but she actually did not have the tenacious traits that she needed.) sorry for the long comment, it just tears my heart out to see animals in bad homes, or without homes.
He is a gorgeous dog!! I hope you keep him. :)
Jean E.
He is adorable. I hope you can keep him.
Guys need big dogs...and some of us gals do, too. One of these days I know another Great Pyrenees will come into our life. It was not a mistake you took a look at the shelter dogs.
What a cutie....of course Dan is going to love him. I read a little about their temperament and it reminds me alot of an English Setter's temperament. Maggie was hell on wheels until she was close to 2, but now she really has mellowed out a ton. I wouldn't trade her. :)
If Blue gets along with your other dogs, will it be that much more work? Sounds as if you could have a long, happy time with Blue in the family. Good luck.
I bet Blue is thankful he met you. I hope he finds a wonderful forever home.
I hope you get to keep him!
Wool Winder
With your help, I know he'll find the right home.
Awww. You are such a sweetheart Jean! Does he get along with your other dogs? I love dogs -- we had 25 years of german shepherds and the work was SO worth it. I can't wait until we retire so we can get another one. Blue had a very lucky day, the day he met Jean!
God only knows what you'd have brought home if you'd gone to Kid 'n Ewe. You might need a third dog, Jean....

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