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November 26, 2009


Dan's whole entire family except for one aunt are Aggies.  Can you imagine what life is like for her? lol.  She was actually at the game with us and she just smiled. Peace, Jean
My cousins are Aggies.
Hey there, Next year we should see if we can get her up to the suite!  It was a full house this year.  We're going to go to Austin for the Tday game next year.  We'd also like to go to a game and sit in the stands.  You miss out on a lot in the suite.  It's not the same feel.  Awesome during bad weather though! lol. Peace, Jean Are you on Facebook?  I just posted a bunch of pics there.
I hope you had fun at the game. Melissa had a blast. They were on the 1st deck right by the Corps. NEXT YEAR! :-) Whoop!!!
Hahaha! I hope you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I have no idea what the score was, but I hope they won LOL!
Wool Winder
I didn't know that trivia fact. No wonder the rivalry is so strong. Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving Jean! Have a blast at the football game!

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