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November 05, 2009


Wool Winder
This post got lost in my list somehow and I'm reading it late. So thankful to hear Dan was not there that day. Even so, I know everyone is deeply hurt by the tragedy. It's was such a senseless, evil act. I'll never understand things like this. Praying for physical and emotional healing for all.
Thanks for the kind words.  It's just sad around here.  Peace, Jean
Thank goodness you are all safe!
I've been thinking of you since Thursday. Glad to read your post to know you were not physically harmed. My prayers are with you and your family and your community as you all recover from the unseen injuries. Bless you!
I am glad that you and all those other families are okay. If anyone was being selfish it was the killer.
I am so sorry that your boys have to process this-senseless enough for grownups (and all the reasons and causes are so tangled) but so much harder for kids. For the most part, we usually feel safer on base/post, and it is wrenching to hear otherwise. I know you are doing good things in the community, Jean.
So glad you are all safe and sound, although of course still so close to this tragedy! Prayers and hugs for yours and the other families. And heartfelt THANKS!!! Marta
I am thinking of you, Dan and all of the families at Ft. Hood and in the Army. Horrible. Of course, so relieved that you are safe!
Thanks for posting. I was thinking of you today.
So glad you and yours are all safe and sound. Such a tragedy. Sending many hugs, thoughts and prayers.
Such a tragedy. I am glad that your family is OK and will be thinking and praying for the victims, their friends and families.
Jean, I've been thinking about you and Dan and your boys all afternoon. Glad you are safe. Continued prayers for you and your family.
I was so relieved when you emailed me back to tell me you are all okay. My thoughts are with you and all of the victims and their families.
I'm so glad that you're OK. What a horrible tragedy. I cannot believe the killer was a psychiatrist (or maybe I can). I'm so glad you and Dan and the kids are all OK. Lots of hugs and prayers.
We are all selfishly relieved that your family is ok. Many hugs!

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