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November 12, 2009


Hey there Tracy, Yet another thing for us to talk about when we get together.  I can't wait for Martin time! I bought a Sparo-door trap and a ground trap for the House Sparrows and Starlings from PMCA;.  I haven't seen a Starling here yet, but we have a ton of HOSPs. Peace, Jean
Wool Winder
Yeah, the sparrows like to nest in the martin house. We have to deal with them all the time. Sometimes we take our martin house down in the winter, but most of the time we leave it up and just remove any sparrow nests as soon as we see the martins are back. The martins always claim a few apartments despite the sparrows. We have never been successful at getting rid of all the nesting sparrows, but the martins somehow manage. We have martins every year.
She wouldn't know what to do with one if she got one! Soooo cute! And then..... SQUIRREL!
Has Aggie moved from that spot yet?? :)
That's such a cute picture of Aggie! What does she do? Does she try to get them, or is she just watching them?
I'm jealous of all your different birds!
I love your new back yard too! How cool that you have birds and can garden in the winter!
Hey Manise, The growing season is just weird here.  Evidently I can grow a lot of cool weather veggies through the Winter... spinach, lettuce, swiss chard...  It's going to be fun experimenting. I'm really loving learning about all the birds.  I want to know as much as I can by the time the Martins come back. Peace, Jean
Aggie is so cute with her new found source of entertainment-lol. Nice job with your veggie garden. It must be hard adjusting to a much different growing season than our northern one. Love our birds too.

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