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November 15, 2009


I miss the cardinals of my east coast childhood. Neat picture.
I think he was just tired of losing. lol.
He looks intense! Must have learned that glare playing football.
I love that he's looking at strategies two ways.
He is TOTALLY trying to psych out his opponent! That is so cool. Maybe chess is sort of like football in its strategy, but you don't have run so much or get bruised?
Devon Hanna
Good for Joe,,and I hope it last..way cool on the Cardinal,,we just moved to Florida and there is a bird feeder out in our back yard,,I have seen a Cardinal,Blue Jay and a squirrel,,and I was as excited as you were,,thanks for sharing..
Haha -- that picture of Joe with the intimidation look is soooo cute! Good for him. My boys played chees a little too, when they were about Joe's age and it didn't take long before they could beat their less-than-average mother LOL. Great cardinal picture!
Joe does look very intimidating!! I love cardinals.
I love cardinals! You know me and my love of the color red. Looks like our Northern cardinals fly South to your yard. :-) I actually have a few that overwinter here as well as a few bluebirds. Enjoy them.
Joe looks like a formidable opponent. :-)

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