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December 07, 2009


I love birds too. This morning I saw a little robin (Irish variety) and a couple of blackbirds. To change the subject - I think I want to get a pet passport so that we can take our cat Slinki to Seattle. Did you bring any animals home from Germany? Any info on getting a passport for Slinki? No sign of a visa yet for Ian. Hoping it will be easier to take Slinki.
Hey- Watch out for the buzzards. Ewwwwwww
We get hawks at our feeders, too. Usually Harris or Sharpshinned. They snatch the poor little sparrows right out of the bushes.
Wool Winder
I knew you would find Blue a good home, though I wondered if it might be at your house. I really like that hat! The cable pattern is interesting and it looks thick and warm. Perfect for snowboarding. The table topper is almost finished and looks great. I'm enjoying your bird pictures so much, I think I should put up a feeder and see what I can attract to my yard.
Those hawks are horrible!  I'm afraid of when the Martins arrive in February.  The Hawks should still be here for a time.   Supposedly we have Cooper Hawks all year, but I've only seen the SShinned.  Our doves shriek in horror when I let Aggie out. lol.
Ooohh....lots of nice things happening in your corner! I LOVE the bird pictures and oh my what a handsome boy Blue is!
Love the hat for Jeremy. What a great gift. It's great to see you're busy (but we knew you would be!). Hope the transition is going well and you're settled.
Wonderful news about Blue!
Glad to see you back! We have sharp-shinned hawks here too. They migrate and winter over down south. I've seen them hauling after morning doves down my street- the poor doves kind of shriek in horror in flight trying to find a bush to hide in. Love the hat and quilt!
Yay! Blue has a new home -- he'll always remember you as the lady who saved him. ;-) BEAUTIFUL hat -- gosh, I love that pattern. And that adult hawk looks downright m.e.a.n.

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