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December 15, 2009


I know what you mean about missing New England. No need to miss it from here in Dublin - it's cold, icy, snow on the hills. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
That hat is gorgeous. Tree is beautiful. My daughter in Houston knows where the 1 tree that turns color in her neighborhood is located!! Ft. Monmouth got 2' of snow last weekend - early for us. Have a wonderful Christmas. Take Joy in knowing that you were the conduit for Blue's new life.
I noticed a similar tree in our subdivision-the only thing blazing in a sea of live oak. The hat looks great!
Wool Winder
The hat turned out great! He's sure to love it. Your tree is really pretty, but even more beautiful to me is the clear blue sky in the background. We've been socked in by clouds for the last two weeks. I'm ready for some sun.
What a beautiful pretty! Who knew that leaves turned color in Texas??
Gorgeous hat and cables! I love the the stitch definition in yours best. It seems to disappear on the Twist modeled hat. Nice to see color on your tree.
Wow - that's gorgeous Jean! I LOVE those cables -- sooo pretty! So funny to see the pretty fall colors -- our leaves fell off over a month ago!

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