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May 15, 2010


How fun! I wish we could have chickens. Have you been doing much knitting since they arrived?
I love the little chicken house!!
Lovely ladies! I'd like to add a couple of Silver Wyandottes to our flock - they're so pretty.
Wool Winder
The first egg is always so won't be long.
They look like beautiful ladies! I love their names. :)
Oh, WOW. Chicken envy!!! My friend just posted that his Yorkie got sick (to the tune of $300 in vet bills) from his chickens, and that the dog does NOT go in the chicken run. Damn. I guess I'd best not risk it.
What a great experience for you and the boys. How very fun. Can't wait to hear about the eggs.
Ahh, lovely girls, and I see a chicken tractor. :D I'd be so anxiously waiting for the eggs! Fresh eggs are wonderful!
Beautiful "chicks" you got there Jean! Only fair since you are outnumbered by boys in your family. Lucky you!

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