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February 28, 2011


Thanks. Don't have the hens anymore, but I'm coming down to Austin for the Funky Chicken Tour on the 7th! Working on moving my sq. foot garden to another area of our yard and making the old spot a permanent coop instead of the moveable one I had. I still have the little house that they'll sleep in, but need to build where they'll run around. It was just too difficult to move them daily. Especially with last year's heat.
Your woodworking skills are incredibly impressive. Look forward to looking at your weaving work when I have a minute. Chickens too, lucky you,
Wool Winder
I just looked up the price of a ready made warping mill and was shocked by the price! The one you built looks exactly like one that costs almost $300. Way to go!
Jean - you rock! Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you make next.
Gosh -- you're so amazingly talented Jean. Lucky for you, you don't live near me -- I'm wanting to build a "table" legs to hold a sewing box. Should be easy, right LOL???
That looks beautiful! So nice, and economical, too. (And that Matchless ain't too shabby, either!)
Beautiful woodwork. I should make my skein winder... hmmm..

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