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Lucky's New Beginning - Aug 2007

  • Lucky's New Beginning - Aug 2007
    This is Lucky on August 20,2007, the day he was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. He was rescued by a volunteer with Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue. Click on the photo to see it full-sized. There were over 100 dogs at that mill with mange. As you can see, that was the least of Lucky’s problems.

    He had a long list of serious ailments: mange, malnutrition, ear mites that caused deafness, and periodontal disease. Because of the severity of his mange, he was quarantined for a couple of weeks, but it would take a long time to cure his other health problems. He had a lack of muscle tone due to living in confined quarters for years and two of his vertebrae in his back are fused together. He’ll be on pain meds for life. He was also timid. Sweet, but timid. Can you blame him? It took years to get him to trust.

    Here's Lucky a couple of months after veterinary care and love from volunteers with Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue. His mange is cured here and hair just starting to come back in, but still very underweight. It took several months to get his weight up to normal. 9/17/07: Dudleyface_4 Dudleystand_4

    This blog is dedicated to all the kind souls that make up the animal rescue community. Since adopting Lucky, I've learned a great deal about how much they give. I'm keeping this blog to encourage adoption of rescue dogs and to keep the rescue workers’ hopes up. If you are able, please consider giving a shelter or rescue dog a home. If you want a puppy, then please do your research and go to a reputable breeder and not a pet store. You can start on the websites for the Humane Society and American Kennel Club

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