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July 29, 2005


Wow - that is just about the most beautiful thing I've seen on anyone's knitting blog in ages. Thanks so much for sharing it.
This is the cutest freakin' thing I've seen in the longest time. I love it!
I love the colonial knots! I saw a gal at TNNA who did them in miniatures. They were so sweet!
I love the colonial knots! I saw a gal at TNNA who did them in miniatures. They were so sweet!
That's so beautiful! I've recently been thinking about felting a handbag and embroidering it, and it's great to see the concept carried out so nicely. By the way, this is my first comment, but I've been reading your blog for awhile; it's always interesting!
Kathleen in Forchheim
Holy CUTE, Batman!! Those knots are the coolest looking things - I've got to try that!
Jenn did post the pattern.
I would buy that if I saw it in a store. It is soooo perfect. Would you mind posting the pattern....(I am a parinoid knitter and do nothing without a pattern) I can see Christmas presants...... Oh I can't get over how CUTE it is!
Cute, cute, cute!!!
Too Cute!! I'll be over for a cuppa! (wink)
I absolutely love your tea cosy - its sooo Scottish! I'm sure it will brighten your day every time you make a cuppa! I've also decided to tag you Jean, I hope you don't mind. Just list 5 of your personal idiosyncrasies on your next post (its all the rage with us UK knitting bloggers at the moment!).
I love the tea cozy - that looks like the "house" part of the felted Cottage Tea Cozy from Knitters' Stash, which I made recently. I had thought at the time that it would look good not as a cottage and you proved me right! Your embroidery is way better than mine . . .
I'm so happy you got joy out of knitting :)
That is absolutely adorable. I must make one!!!
Jean ~ That would also with a different pattern make the cutest hat also! The little sheep could be like the flower on a slouch hat! Way to go girl! I love quick stuff you can make in a couple of hours or a day! Those would also make very cute gifts! Have fun! Blessings!
Thata grrl! LOVE the sheepy and you can do knots like nobody's business! Well done.
That is so cute and creative!! I love the sheep and that yarn is gorgeous! Spectacular!
your tea cozy is adorable ---- in freeing yourself, you've added another project to my list --- I must have one!
wool winder
Love it! I want one and I don't even drink hot tea.
Your tea cozy is just too cute!
You are the Colonial Knot Queen! Love it!
That turned out so well! You could make a cottage industry out of those. What a perfect gift it would make with an antique cup and saucer or some good loose tea. Way to get those knitting juices flowing! Good luck with the raglan and have a wonderful wknd!
wendy g
Jean, What a cute tea cozy! Your trip sounded wonderful too.
I love it and your son is so cute!
That's a great little cozy, and it's great that you've gotten yourself knitting again.

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