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July 26, 2005


since I live in KY and CT I'm pretty lucky. Half stash here, half stash there. I can be in happy blissful denial about my stash and "in progress" projects! ;-)
Overload, baby! I have about as big a stash as you do but I can't seem to stop buying. Who knows if I'll see that one again?? And then, of course, Opal keeps coming out with nifty new sock yarn collections. I'm loving the Rainforest colors...
Kathleen in Forchheim
Both, actually. I have the exact same rules as you. A home project and a to-go (usually sock) project and, if something snazzy catches my eye, a third. And then there's the reality: the half-started Sitcom-Chic cardi stuffed in a drawstring bag, the baby blanket I keep starting over and over again, the short-row scarf I started ages ago and the Clapotis I started ages before that. My problem is that out-of-sight really is out-of-mind.....but as long as those projects can't voice their neglect stories, I'm cool ;)
Definitely in an overload here, too. I just moved and it was downright embarrassing how many boxes, bins, bags, cones there were. Plus I don't really have a good place for it yet in my new house. And I am a very slow knitter these days, due to work and small children. But I can't imagine getting rid of any of it (okay, maybe some of the really cheapo acrylic could go). And I find myself shopping eBay and yarn sales just the same. I like to think of it now as a yarn collecting hobby-- some people like to have knicknacks or plates on the shelf, I like bags of yarn. I have a knitting machine (a good used one and a newish Bond) and my thought is to someday in my non-existent free time to whip through some of the stash that way. We'll see. And if it makes you feel better, I'm in a big of a project rut right now, too.
I definitely go for the overload end of the spectrum. Although I am beginning to seriously re-think that.
I'm about to move to a new house so that I have a whole room to use for my stash. When we move I put initials on the boxes to show what room they go in. LR = Living Room, KBR = Kendall's Bed Room, etc. I'm already packing those boxes that say YBR (Yarn Bed Room). My stash will have it's own snug little room. The house I am moving into is one that a friend is moving out of. It was her nursery. It is painted a sage green with a green and yellow border that says, "I see the moon. The moon sees me. God Bless the mooon. God Bless me." I can't think of a nicer place for my yarn to live. As far as number of projects goes, here's my theory. Do you have empty needles? If yes, then cast on a new project. If no, then scrounge around for stitch holders or go buy new needles and cast on a new project. Knitting for me is not about the finished product. It is about the process. If you are not enjoying the process, then start a new process. Do you see why my stash needs its own room? :)
We used to call that "an embarrassment of riches" and yep, I'm pretty embarrassed at the mountain of fiber and related stuff accumulated here. I don't necessarily think the existence of the stash causes the block. For me it's like eating sugary, fatty foods...they just make me want more. So I have to be careful about my acquisitiveness. Hmm...maybe I need to actually knit the Dale sweater kit from the 1990 winter olympics.
I know exactly what you mean, and just recently I decided to spend a year or so "shopping the stash" and only buying what I must. (*Must* is rather loosely defined, I admit.) These were all yarns and fibres that I loved once...they deserve a day in the sun.
I am *usually* pretty good about only have one or two projects on the needles at one time ... but wool?? MoMMa Mia! I think I am up to 50 lbs! (Isn't that Brooks Farm stuff glorious??)
Even though I have been pretty good about my goal of finishing or frogging at least half of my WIPs my stash continues to grow. Evilann is just so tempting - and now that I am teaching at my LYS, it is even worse. I do finish the projects I buy yarn for from The Yarn Lounge because they are teaching samples. Maybe you would feel better about releasing some of your stash if you decided to give it away rather than selling it. Some of the women who are on AnySoldier request crafts projects. You could kit up some simple projects - watchcaps or slippers, things that would be handy when the weather turns cold. Or be a secret pal to a knitter on a tight budget. My niece is coming to visit and I hope she wants to learn to knit or crochet. If so, I plan to send some of my stash home with her ;-) And please, please feel free to break your own rules. If you are bored & stuck on a project, start a new one - something fast & frivolous or extra challenging or an old friend pattern. No one is going to penalize you if you do. Hope this doesn't seem too much like a goody-goody lecture. You are such a wonderful knitter and I miss reading about your projects. Cate P.S. and send those fleeces off to be processed.
Having just had to move my stash to the new house, count me in as one of the "overwhelmed". I weeded out quite a bit...and still have WAY too much to ever knit in this life.
Kelly O
i have only been knitting for a year and that means that my stash is not very large. But I do have plenty to pick from when a project catches my eye. I Have knitters ADD and I usually have about 3 projects going at once. One that is mindless knitting knitting, another that I call middle of the road knitting, I need to think about what I am doing but not overly much and one project that I call my 'Big Brain' project, you know the one where I have to read the chart and pay attention to what I am doing. I pick up each one based on my mood.
Mary Beth
Way to come clean! Still, it's all good. I try to keep to a small number of things going, 1-2, but the summer makes it hard - you need hot-weather knitting, travel knitting, by-the-pool knitting, sitting in the car waiting to pick up kids knitting - arghhhh!!
Like you...and several other bloggers I have read. I also have been having a hard time finding a project to work on. Towards the end of June I finished a large project that I was knitting exclusivly (it was a fair isle cardi..a gift to my sister in Belgium & I wanted to complete it before she came to visit). And I have not been able to really get started on anything else I have been toying w/Clapotis and have gotten to the second section of it several times and frogged. I am also trying to knit some kilt hose (which are a challange to me..since I have only completed 1 pair of socks before & have never done cables or bobbles before {and theyare to be a gift as well}) which have been started and frogged several times. As for the is there and big enough to enable me to knit several projects w/out purchasing yarn for the rest of this year. But it was all purchased w/projects in if it will all turn into those projects is the ultimate question. Good luck & happy knitting!
I don't have much of a stash but I have 3 projects on my hooks! 1 Baby Blanket for my friend, Alisha, in Portales, 1 blanket for our Dorcus Circle group, 1 left over balnket that has yarn from projects that I have finished. And 1 Potholder from left over yarn from the blanket I did for our Women's Retreat Auction! I love the look of the leftover blankets! They are from a little bit here and a little bit there. I just can't seem to through away that little ball of yarn you have left over from a big project!
I have a tiny little stash - some odd balls of this and that, mainly purchased from the bargain box at my LYS, and 10 balls of wool slated for a sweater that I just haven't started yet. I've never really been able to buy things that don't have a use very easily - even my fabric stash is small, even though I used to own a business that involved sewing. I tend to buy with something specific in mind, make that up, and move on. Occasionally I'll buy a skein of something beautiful, but those get used up soon after purchase. I used to be a pack rat decades ago and stopped when I had to pay to ship everything across the country. Now I have a very hard time having anything extra if I can help it. The downside is not really having a stash to browse if I am feeling creative. I have done some cool things with bits and pieces, but larger projects tend to be very planned out.
I have a good size stash too. Not as big as yours from the sounds of it though. ;) It doesn't stress me out though for some reason. I feel a little guilty sometimes but for the most part I like having it and am quite happy to buy more when I can afford to. We are moving to a new home in a few weeks and money will be tight for a while, so I will be happy I have it then.
I used to be a one project gal. But the more projects I find that I like, I start buying the yarn for them. And I'm starting to get out of control (for me).
I feel your rut. I've been unable to bring myself to finish anything. Just yesterday I sat in front of the stash and was completely overwhelmed with the possibilities. It's too much, but I can't seem to stop buying it. And why do I have 4 pounds of wool coming in the mail?
When we moved from VT to SLC, probably a full third of our weight was my stash. I'm currently on a buying mortatorium until I get some things knit up. No new purchases of spinnable fiber either - I have WAY too much as it stands right now. Sigh.
That shounds like a pretty big stash, though I have to admit that mine is scattered about the house, thus avoiding any sort of accurate accounting of it. I am absolutely amazed to think that you have moved that stash back and forth across the Atlantic! I am on overload, and I think my weakness has got to be kid stuff because I can't knit the stuff fast enough before they grow out of things. Your post on this comes at the right time because this morning on my way to work I was thinking about how what I really need to do is go somewhere where I can be quiet, have no distractions, and just knit and knit.
Teresa C
I have had some of the same feelings lately. I get to the end of a project and am paralyzed by the choices I have. My stash is keeping me from moving on in a way. I want to start everything and none of it all at the same time. I have a pretty good sized stash, so even just shopping it to find the next project can be time consuming and confusing. I have resisted spinning for a few reasons, and this is one. Just what I need to add to the yarn, needlepoing, fabric, quilting...... Fleece. Oy!

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