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January 25, 2006


I sent my preemie hat today.
Mary Kay Meyer
I just mailed my package!! Great idea to keep me motivated. I enjoy reading your blog. MKMeyer
Jamie C
I just dropped off a bunch of stuff for Laura. Included was my favorite little hat & booties set - you can check it out at Thanks for having this great contest!
Thank you so much for having this contest! I just mailed mine in today so please add me to the pot. I'd really rather come visit, but finances prohibit:( Oh,well, I guess it's for the best since the little babies have something to help keep them warm:)
I'd love to come and visit you, though I do have some yarn I could use for knitting baby things instead.
Perfect timing! I have 4 preemie hats that I made. I thought about taking them to my local hospital, but I'd rather send them for sure to a group that will make sure they get used!
What a pretty basket! The winner is going to be one lucky winner. I just wanted to say hi to a fellow, ex-Sea World employee! I worked at the Ohio park for eight summers and even over a couple of winters! I thought it was a great place for a summer job.
To funny,because I was getting ready to send a box out next week to the Preemieproject. I made 10 pair of booties,2 hats and a blanket. You are actualy the one that got me started on this project and it is so easy and it takes care of my out of control stash. Gerlinde
wool winder
Jean, what a great idea! Thanks so much for supporting this project. Many little babies will be kept warm and parents will be comforted because you took time to care. Your kindness has touched my heart. --Tracy
Since I already have a hat and bootie set ready to give to Laura - I'm in.... What a great and generous contest.
I think that with Royd being in the field for the next 7 weeks, I can definetly do option A. Maybe we can organize it with Kathleen too!
Oh, would you like me to direct the members of the yahoo group to your blog? Do you want this contest to be huge?
WOW! How cool are you?! Seriously, you are a total angel! I wish that I was close enough to give you a great big thank you hug. Thank you for supporting The Preemie Project and thinking of a very neat way to get others involved. I appreciate it more than you know. Please direct the participants to the "join" link on the website. It will take them to patterns and info they need. ie. the address and my contact info. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please let me know if there is ever anything that I can do for you.
I'm in! Or I could just have you give me the name of the vendor so I could order more. My favorite basket is almost exactly like that. I got mine from an African lady who sold them at Stitches Midwest last year. You can beat I am headed back to find her this summer! Now to get preemie knitting. First to find preemie sized patterns!
Oh, I'd LOVE to come visit you in Germany!
Aww, thanks for entering me already! I haven't done booties yet, just lots of hats, but I've got an idea for a cute set. Great idea for a contest, that basket is gorgeous!
I will enter your contest! I would love to come visit you in Germany AND knit the set, but just knitting the set will have to do it!
Thanks for being a good sport......I have to admit, I really do not like doing meme's.... I had been contemplating a preemie knit via Tracy's blog and this seals it ;-)). I love that bag!
Kathleen in Germany
When are you mailing yours? Can I come visit you and bring you the preemie knits??? ;)
Well, I'm thinking about heading to Europe for the World Cup... ;-)
I would love to come visit you in Germany! However, I don't think the budget will allow big travel this year. I'll see what I can do to enter your contest.

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