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November 27, 2007


Oh, wow. The original Doty (our last name - my husband's) came over on the Mayflower. He mutnied. (sp?) Really. He was the TALLEST man on the Mayflower, and my husband's family is so short! He also was involved in the first recorded duel in the US. He was quite the character. 6 degrees of separation...
Oh Jean I have to know what color that yarn is from Kim. I LOVE the blues and have to get some. I am very into genealogy too. My dream vacation is to Salt Lake.....I just want to sit in the library for a week!
oh what great photos! i love my own family photos as well, and have a box from MY gram that i often look through.
Wool Winder
The Sherman Heel (and toe) looks great on the socks you made! I clicked the link to see how it was done and I got lost just reading the directions. Probably makes better sense when the knitting is in front of you, but I think I'm going to have to stick with what I know and deal with the dreaded gaps. The photo album is a treasure! I love the picture you shared.
Oh, oh, oh how I miss my East Coast Thanksgivings. Actually I miss my American Thanksgivings. We've gotten used to the October 4 day weekend Canadian tradition. It's hard to do US T-day as it's a working day. Li
Ooooh, good presents for you! The sock you're working on is beautiful -- thanks for the link. What a neat old picture -- I love genealogy. It sounds like you've been appointed keeper of the records for your family! ;-)
Oh Jean....what a fabulous photo of your relatives and how cool is that,that they go back to the Mayflower :-)!
What a wonderful family heirloom. That is so cool. And such a beautiful view!

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