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April 09, 2009


Oh, enjoy! So happy for you and your new house. From goats to birds... 8)
Kim do you think I type yarn more than yard? Sheesh! haha!
I am SO excited for you guys!! Your yarn looks glorious! I'm already thinking ahead to a Texas trip ;)
Another reason this was suppose to be your new home honey, you can watch the martin home and think of N.H. and all your loved ones there. I am so excited for you. Love ya Mother
Susan Gibbs
That's great Jean! I'm going to miss ya'll so much but I'm glad you're so excited. I think you should put up a bat house as well- they are great for the environment and bats eat a jillion mosquitos an hour.
They are fun birds to watch come and go. And the babies are adorable!
We adore birds here. We have one of those fancy feeder poles from WBU with several feeders hanging off it. Dad even helps with bird counts for the bird atlas updates and has done some hummer netting etc. A purple martin house is a wonderful thing!
Hahaha -- that's pretty funny! And very exciting!!!

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