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June 02, 2009


Wow, excellent. What a very tidy and properly arranged house. It was a very cool interior of your house. Keep up the good work!
Congratulations on the house. I'm sure you will love it.Thanks for sharing it. I would like to invite you to participate in Crock Pot Wednesday at Any kind of slow cooker recipe will work. Come check it out.
Hope you are all moved and getting settled. Anxious to hear how the move went and how the house looks now!!
Gosh, by now you've moved! Anyway, I'm just delurking to say your new home is lovely, and very Texas-like. I miss Texas, and my house there, every day....
What a pretty house, so light and lovely. Congratulations and enjoy!
Maria Tressler
Hi Jean. I cannot even tell you how excited I am to find you. "Who the heck is this?!" you must be wondering. It's Slecna Gelabert, aka Pani it yet? Neither one of us tested very well in Czech, did we? It's your favorite zoomie friend from DLI, MARIA! Jean, you HAVE to email me as soon as you get this. I feel like a stalker checking out your blog when we haven't been in touch in, what, 20 years?! So much to share...seeing you here, so happy, truly warms my heart. Hope to hear from you, Maria
All that in 2400 square feet!!! It's beautiful and I'm so, so happy for you, and though I've only seen you a couple times when you were closer, I'm going to be sad that you are so far away. Miss you already.
I am thrilled for you! After what you've been living in, the new house will feel like Buckingham Palace. As for this next week business, I'm not going to think about that. But I will be visiting you in Texas! XO
Wow. Next week already? But 4 years? Not your forever house? Where are you thinking of being forever? I could certainly see getting hooked on that house past the boys schooling. It looks so wonderful, just happymaking everyday to wake up to sunshine and the boys being able to walk to school, and your own craft room (even if you occasionally have to share).
Lovely home. The brightness and airy feel are superb! You're sure to love it once you get even semi-organized!
The house is fabulous! Enjoy it and your new neighborhood!
Sure, Jean, the house looks nice and all. But what about us? We will miss you!!! You're coming back for Rhinebeck, right?
Jean E.
Very nice! Good luck with your move.
It's gorgeous! Have a safe trip. I'm sad you are leaving New York, but know how great this move will be for you and your family. Be well!
What a wonderful house! Congratulations on the closing! I'll miss you. Bon Voyage!
So happy for you!!! Have a fun and safe trip, and then have fun making that house your home... Marta
It's time to go already? Wow. The house is beautiful. Have a safe trip!
Kimberly Woven ~N~Spun
Congrats on the closing and all. When we found we were staying here another 3 years (already here 4 years, but somehow instead of the Army sending us to a new duty station this fall, they determined that hubby's deployment demanded we stay here another 3. Then it's retirement baby....he he he he) Anyway, we bought a house and we too more then doubled our space (1200 sq ft Army housing to 2700 sq foot house all for less then the Army privatized housing BAH. Wee haa). Anyway, if you need a potty break after stopping in OKC, Ft Sill is probably on your way down as it's right off 44. Love to have you. I have my own loom room even.
It's so hard to believe that your time in the Northeast has already come and gone. Ken and I will miss you guys!
Next week? Already??? I'm so excited for you -- it looks just perfect. So light and airy and beautiful. And won't the dogs just love all that wonderful space outside? Congratulations -- can't wait to see it all Scottish Lamb-ified!!!
I adore your kitchen! Kid N Ewe it is!!!

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